Chaifetz, LCSW, CHHC | City of White Plains Westchester County New York
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Chaifetz, LCSW, CHHC

City of White Plains

Westchester County

Chaifetz, LCSW, CHHC

Nina Chaifetz, LCSW, CHHC is located at 280 Dobbsferry Road, White Plains NY 10607 in Westchester County.

My psychotherapy practice specializes in supporting my clients to have greater happiness, balance and meaning in their lives. I offer a safe, nonjudgmental environment to self-reflect, resolve issues and experience life more fully. I assist clients in changing patterns that no longer serve them as they find better ways to manage stress, life transitions, and relationships while strengthening self-acceptance, identity and sense of purpose. I view all challenges as opportunities for personal growth, empowerment and greater authenticity. Recognizing that every person is individual in their process, I help clients tap into their own unique potential and discover more of who they are.

    My Specialties Include
    Life Transitions
    Personal Growth
    Relationship Issues

Location: White Plains

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