Stonberg, Julie, LCSW | Hartsdale Westchester County New York
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Stonberg, Julie, LCSW


Westchester County

Stonberg, Julie, LCSW

Julie Stonberg, LCSW is located at 250 East Hartsdale Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530 in Westchester County.

I look at individuals within the framework of their relationships. Goals include helping to strengthen positive connections and understand more about all of their relationships past and present in order to promote healing, and help sort through whatever difficulties they may be facing. I have also worked with children and families on many issues including limit setting, adolescent development, anxiety, adoption, separation/grief, and parenting after divorce/remarriage.

    My Specialties Include
    Women's Issues
    Parenting Issues
    Life Transitions

Location: Hartsdale

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