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Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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KR Cafe


Westchester County

10536, classic diner, Katonah, NY, Westchester County, Restaurant Review, Kids menu, 
Outdoor seating, Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Vegetarian options, Wheelchair Accessible,
WiFi, The word is, etro soda shop KR Cafe

KR Café, a classic diner, is located at 63 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY 10536 in Westchester County.

From KR Café: "KR Café puts a delightfully modern spin on the classic American diner. In the heart of Katonah, we're serving up your favorite diner eats as well as new culinary treats that are sure to become instant classics. From the best burgers, clubs and fries to fresh salads and elegant entrees, the KR Café has something for everyone. Come in and unwind on our cozy Katonah corner, we're so excited to serve you."

Restaurant Review
Full Bar
Kids menu
Outdoor seating
Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Vegetarian options
Wheelchair Accessible

The word is Retro soda shop and diner in great location near Katonah train station, serving breakfast all day; several complaints about service and management. Checkout recent reviews before going.

Location: Katonah

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