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Pleasantville Community Synagogue - Reform


Westchester County

Pleasantville Community Synagogue, Westchester's first trans-denominational synagogue, progressive, spiritually-based Judaism, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal Jew, meditation, (Women's) programs, adult education Pleasantville Community Synagogue - Reform

In the winter of 1997, Pleasantville Community Synagogue was founded as Westchester's first trans-denominational synagogue, dedicated to being an inclusive home for all those seeking a progressive, spiritually-based Judaism.

Pleasantville Community Synagogue has been likened to a big tent. The Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and Renewal Jew; the interfaith family; those who wish to convert to Judaism - all are welcome. PCS is not only the home of people seeking a progressive, spiritually-based Joyful Judaism, but also the home of those who want to return. One service is all it takes to fall in love with PCS, says new congregant, Judy Chinitz.

Housed in an historic pre-Civil War building, PCS is a trans-denominational congregation which features meditation, music, dancing, monthly Rosh Chodesh (Women's) programs, adult education, healing services and teen programs.

The spiritual leader is Rabbi Julie Danan, and the School Principal is Galit Sperling.

Location: Pleasantville

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