Red Hat on River | Irvington-on-Hudson Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Red Hat on River


Westchester County

10533, French Bistro, Irvington-on-Hudson NY, Restaurant Review, Live Music, Organic, line caught, sustainable raised, Waterfront dining, The word is,  Beautiful restaurant, waterfront views, food is excellent Red Hat on River

Red Hat on River, billed as a French-American Bistro, is located at One Bridge Street, Irvington-on-Hudson, NY 10533 in one of the Westchester County River Towns.

From Red Hat on River: "Nestled on the waterfront in Irvington, New York, Red Hat on the River is a French-American modern bistro which has been serving satisfied diners for nearly 7 years. There's hardly a seat in the house that does not offer a spectacular view of the beautiful Hudson river. Banquettes and a pewter bar accent the space while the walls of this 100-year old renovated factory building are adorned with WPA-era art evoking a feeling of a turn of the century Parisian bistro."

"Offerings at Red Hat began with, and always will include French bistro classics like moules frites, steak frites, rillettes, and profiteroles. Our guests love them and they stay on the menu throughout the year. Our menu has evolved to welcome the influences of Italian, Spanish, and American Regional cuisines. At Red Hat on the River, carefully designed plates will often be served next to hearty brasserie style comfort foods. We use New York State purveyors, support our local farmer's market and whenever possible opt for fish, poultry, and meat that are organic, wild, or sustainably raised."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = French-American
Full Bar
Live Music
Organic and line caught options (Limited selection and no organic salad at this time).Parking = Convenient and easy
Sunday Brunch
Vegetarian options
Waterfront Dining on the bank of the Hudson River
Wheelchair Accessible

The word is Great looking restaurant with an upscale vibe and beautiful waterfront dining overlooking the Hudson River. On a good weather day, dine outside or have drinks on the rooftop lounge or patio and take in the magnificent views of the Hudson River. Lunch or dinner, the staff is professional, the food is excellent.

The website says "We use New York State purveyors, support our local farmer's market and whenever possible opt for fish, poultry, and meat that are organic, wild, or sustainably raised."

No organic vegetables or salad? On days we checked, they had one organic chicken dish and one line-caught fish dish. There were no organic vegetables or organic salad options. How about some organic arugula, romaine, spinach, or kale that is inexpensive to purchase and always available?

Location: Irvington-on-Hudson

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