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Twin Lakes Farm


Westchester County

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Twin Lakes Farm, an equestrian center, is located at 960 California Road, Bronxville, NY 10708 in Westchester County.

From Twin Lakes Farm: "Twin Lakes Farm is a riding academy and competitive show stable that is situated on two campuses, both located in Twin Lakes Park on the border of Eastchester and Bronxville, NY. The "South Barn" is where the boarders keep their horses, the show team practices and the rated USEF horse shows are hosted. The "North Barn" is where our riding school, IEA and Drill Teams lesson and practice- seven days a week! The farms sit on 150 acres of protected parkland, including miles of trails. Each campus has its own indoor arena and two outdoor areas- with stadium lighting so that we can enjoy outdoor lessons after dark.

"Twin Lakes knows that different riders have different needs and goals. Our riders are afforded the opportunity to participate in the sport on their terms, from the once a week recreational rider, to the rider who wants to compete for national titles and everything in-between. We have the horses, staff and programs to suit the needs of any rider who is looking for a barn to call home.

Twin Lakes Farm North Campus
The North Campus houses our Riding Academy, IEA Team and Therapeutic Riding Programs. This is where it all begins. Our purpose is to expose riders of all ages to English horsemanship in a safe, fun and understanding environment. We welcome riders as young as six years old to come and take their first riding lessons on the backs of our "Professors."

Lessons run seven days a week and we are open late for our "Adult Swim" lessons in the evening- where adult students ride together in lessons just for grown-ups.

Between our campuses, we maintain over 75 academy-owned horses of varying sizes and levels so that school riders will always have an appropriate mount for lessons. Our school horses are truly our colleagues- we take great pride in them and know that our students are learning on the best fleet of four-legged teachers anywhere!

Press blue button for Twin Lakes Farm website, to schedule a tour, to learn more about riding, programs and facilities, including therapeutic riding for children and adults with disabilities.

Equestrian Facilities at Twin Lakes Farm
English riding lessons
Horse shows
Lessons for children and adults
Nature Study
Riding Academy
Summer Camp (riding, traditional camp activities, horse show)
Therapeutic Riding

Location: Bronxville

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