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Neha Palace

City of Yonkers

Westchester County

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Kid's Menu, Lunch buffet, The word is, Mixed reviews, garlic naan, Neha Palace

Neha Palace, serving Indian cuisine, is located at 27 Meyer Ave (Behind Cross County Mall) Yonkers, NY 10704 in southern Westchester County.

From Neha Palace: "Great meals come from great traditions. With over 30,000 years of history, India’s culinary heritage is truly unparalleled. Blessed with bountiful resources, including the world’s most flavorful spices, India is a hotbed of delicious classic cuisines and fresh culinary experimentation. In India, food is sacred, the centerpiece at the heart of every community. It nourishes both body and spirit.

"Far from the shores of Bharata (India’s name in Sanskrit, the official language of Hinduism), New York’s beautiful Westchester County is home to one of the most authentic Indian eating experiences outside the country itself. This place is Neha Palace. Dining in India is an extremely communal event. There, cooking is, at its core, an act of generosity. It is customary to share one’s food with anyone who wants it, even strangers.

"Neha Palace brings this philosophy to Westchester County. Visit during lunch and join our chefs in our “live” kitchen buffet, as we honor the natural wholesomeness of quality ingredients and the warmth of tight-knit communities.

"More so than almost any other country in the world, India represents an exciting meeting of traditional culture and contemporary innovation. Temples dating from the 12th century sit beside ultra-modern steel skyscrapers. Birthplace of ancient traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, India is also the world’s most populous democratic nation. And its regional cuisines are as varied as its spiritual and cultural traditions. Neha Palace’s menu is meant to epitomize India’s marriage of old and new."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Indian and Vegetarian
Full bar
Kid's Menu
Lunch buffet
Parking = Private lot
Serving lunch and dinner
Wheelchair Accessible

The word is Mixed reviews with many saying that although the food is delicious, especially the garlic naan, the restaurant is understaffed and service is very slow. Before dining here in the evening, you may want to try the lunch buffet, offering a large selection of tasty dishes.

Location: Yonkers

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