Zero Otto Nove | Armonk Westchester County New York
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Zero Otto Nove


Westchester County

10504, Southern Italian cuisine, Armonk, NY, Restaurant Review, Cuisine = Italian and Pizza, Outdoor dining, The word is, Attractive restaurant, good Italian food made with fresh ingredients, friendly and attentive waitstaff Zero Otto Nove

Zero Otto Nove, serving Southern Italian cuisine, is located at 55 Old Route 22, Armonk, NY 10504 in Westchester County.

From Zero Otto Nove: "Sitting down at one of the restaurant's farmhouse tables for a staff meal of dry mozzarella grilled with bacon, roasted pepper and olives, fresh tubasini with lobster, and his mother's recipe for wheat cake one weekday afternoon, he describes his childhood in Salerno (just south of Naples on the Gulf);

"See, my father who was a chef, used to come home every day at one o'clock and cook because we had eleven kids and then after he finished eating he used to put the spoon and the knife and fork on the table like this and he'd say. 'Everything was good today; what we gonna eat tomorrow?’ He used to grab my mother by the hand at 2:00 pm and go in the bedroom . . . this is every day and come out again six o'clock in the afternoon . . . My house was a feast every day.” Roberto uses all local products, makes his own fresh pasta, and uses nothing from a can -that includes tomatoes, which he purees by hand."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Italian and Pizza
Full Bar serving local draft beer and 14 wines by the glass
Noise level = Can get too loud for conversation
Outdoor dining
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is Attractive restaurant where the décor is a mixture of rustic and industrial, offering very good Italian food made with fresh ingredients and served by a friendly and attentive waitstaff; however several complaints about the small portions at high prices. Also many complaints about the high noise level that is "Way too noisy for conversation, we couldn't even hear the waiter."

Location: Armonk

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