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The Performing Arts Center is located at Purchase College, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577 in Westchester County.

The Performing Arts Center has four theatres. Each of our theatres is specifically designed for the optimum presentation of a different type of performance, enabling the production of any kind of event.

    The Concert Hall
    A fully equipped, three-tiered concert hall, this theatre is the grandest in The Center. It houses one of the largest portable Flentrop tracker organs in the world. Two downstage lifts allow flexibility in orchestra pit size, seating capacity, and stage configuration. The theatre also has a portable acoustic orchestra shell and ceiling.

    The PepsiCo Theatre
    Designed by set designer Ming Cho Lee, this mid-sized theatre has a large stage allowing for exceptional adaptability. Two downstage hydraulic lifts provide additional flexibility in orchestra pit size, seating capacity, and stage configuration. It also makes an ideal venue for film screenings, with comfortable seating, a rear screen projection bay, and 35mm as well as digital projection capabilities.

    The Recital Hall
    Noted for fine acoustics, and enhanced by white oak walls and a sprung floor, this theatre was specifically designed for chamber music as well as small dance concerts. It has a rear screen projection bay, an organ, a portable acoustic orchestra shell, and one downstage lift which can be an orchestra pit, additional seating, or an extension of the stage.

    The Repertory Theatre
    The Repertory Theatre is a “black box” theatre. It provides designers with complete flexibility; virtually any stage configuration is possible. The seating can be created using portable platform units that are stored beneath the deck. The catwalks are movable and there is a 22’ x 40’ hydraulic lift at one end.

Press blue button to learn specifications for each theatre, such as: seating capacity, dimensions, and technical information.

Location: Purchase

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