Ice Cream Factory | Mount Vernon Westchester County New York
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Ice Cream Factory

Mount Vernon

Westchester County

Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Factory, serving organic soy milk ice cream made without chemicals, is located at 408 East Sandford Boulevard, Mount Vernon, NY 10550 in Westchester County.

From Ice Cream Factory: "The Ice Cream Factory's legacy was born out of a Carvel® Franchise started by our fathers, the Guerrino brothers in 1954. Our combined ten siblings, along with employees, all Mount Vernon residents, diligently worked long hours to serve Lower Westchester residents with their delights. We successfully built a stellar reputation and became a mainstay in the community, offering up ice cream with a smile.

"In 1978, in an effort to provide a greater selection of flavors to customers, the name was officially changed to the Ice Cream Factory. We expanded rapidly, offering 50 gourmet flavors, 20 of which were exotic Caribbean flavors, including Grapenutt, Jamaican Rum Raisin, Rum Raisin Grapenutt, as well as Soy Milk based and Sugar Free flavors.

"Through word of mouth, the Ice Cream Factory in Mount Vernon became a dessert destination for those curious to taste the unique offerings of these Caribbean classics. Now you don't have to live in Mount Vernon to enjoy these ice cream delights. Our ice cream is available at many locations in a variety of sizes."

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Juice Bar
Non-organic ice cream products
Organic Soy Milk ice cream
Sugar free options

The word is Ice Cream Factory offers Organic Soy Milk ice cream. Unfortunately, other ice cream products often contain chemicals. Check ingredients before buying any ice cream.

Caution: Read Ingredients
Ask for a list of ingredients (available at all ice cream counters) before buying any ice cream. If there are chemicals in the ice cream, find chemical-free ice cream for kids and your family at Safe Ice Cream options.

Location: Mount Vernon

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