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Golden Horn Oriental Rugs

Port Chester

Westchester County

Golden Horn Oriental Rugs

The Golden Horn, offering oriental and Persian rugs, is located at 464 North Main Street, Port Chester, NY 10573 in Westchester County.

From Golden Horn: "We specialize in restoration, cleaning and sales of antique oriental and European carpets (wool rugs, silk rugs, American Indian rugs, Aubussons, Tapestries, Needle points, Kilims, Hooked rugs, Dhurries and all other hand-woven rugs and textiles). We have been in business in the USA for more than 10 years and in Turkey for nearly 100 years (family owned). Our location in Turkey is in Konya where the world's most skillful weavers and restorers come from. (Konya is also known for its Whirling Dervishes.)"

"We do most of our restorations in our Port Chester-NY location. Some restorations exceed the value of the rug and take months to finish. For those jobs we offer you, our restoration services in Turkey where we employ over 100 master restorers with wide experience and expertise.Restorations in Turkey will be 50% to 80% less then US prices. We have twelve shipments in a year; one shipment beginning of every month.

"Oriental rugs are an ancient cultural art form that people have been using for centuries to adorn their homes. As with so many old world handicrafts, oriental and Persian rug designs in the modern industrial world lack the beauty and precision workmanship that is so common in antique rugs. We can help you restore and repair your antique rugs with our Oriental rug repair, antique rug restoration and area rug cleaning services in New York City, Manhattan, Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT."

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Location: Port Chester

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