Saint George Bistro | Hastings-on-Hudson Westchester County New York
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Saint George Bistro


Westchester County

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Saint George Bistro, serving French cuisine, is located at 155 Southside Ave., Hastings-on-Hudson NY 10706, in one of the quaint River Towns of Westchester County.

From Saint George: "Saint George is a New-French Bistro offering reworked classics, local seafood, fine meats, seasonal veggies, and French wine. Our namesake is Chef’s beloved pet rabbit, George. George is one lucky rabbit. Not because he has a restaurant named after him, but rather because he’s not a stew.

"The raw bar, for some, is a reason to live, and the house charcuterie is a favorite. The duck-onion soup or some bone marrow. We do a classic and serious steak frites. Order some good wine with your meal, of course; there’s a large by the glass list as well as a full cellar. Chef Chris Vergara also owns Harper's Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry and Meritage in Scarsdale."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = French
Happy Hour
Noise level = Can get loud
Saturday and Sunday Brunch
Serving dinner
Wine and Cocktails

The word is Enthusiastic accolades for this cozy and attractive restaurant with professional and friendly staff, serving delicious food that makes you believe you're in Paris.

Note: Saint George says on their website that they buy organic and grass-fed ingredients. However, not one menu item specifies organic or grass-fed. Restaurants that serve organic and grass-fed options typically say which items use these ingredients and in addition often specify their purveyors. Since neither seems to be the case at Saint George Bistro, we recommend that you assume that the ingredients are not organic or grass-fed at this time, November 13, 2014.

Location: Hastings-on-Hudson

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