Snow Hill Farm, LLC  "NOFA-NY Certified Organic" | North Salem Westchester County New York
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Snow Hill Farm, LLC "NOFA-NY Certified Organic"

North Salem

Westchester County

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Snow Hill Farm, a NOFA-NY certified organic farm offering grass-fed beef and more, is located at 91 Keeler Lane, North Salem, NY 10560, Westchester County in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Snow Hill Farm: "A working farm on over 100 acres of gardens, pastures and woods in the town of North Salem, we are committed to preserving and sustaining the land in healthy condition for future generations.

"Snow Hill Farmís primary crop is grass-fed all natural certified Black Angus Beef. We grow our own hay, build healthy soils through the practice of composting and sustainably harvested firewood and produces wood chips from Snow Hill Farmís forested land. Additionally, Snow Hill Farm has working apiaries which produce our own wildflower honey available in the late fall. Snow Hill Farmís herd of Dorset Horn and Southdown Sheep produce medium weight wool. Our sheep are sheared every May and the naturally processed wool is sold on our website.

"Snow Hill Farm has focused on schools, universities, local markets, and restaurants committed to sustainability, as a market for our meats and farm products."

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Educational Tours of Snow Hill Farm
Elementary school children and not-for-profit organizations (Early Spring)

    Organic Meat Products include
    Beef (Grass-fed all natural certified Black Angus)
    Lamb (Grass-fed all natural lamb)
    Pork (All natural pork)

    Additional Products include
    Compost (Snow Hill Farm produces its own compost)
    Honey (Our working apiary utilizes the beehives to pollinate fruit trees and other plant life.)
    Firewood & Wood Chips (Wood by-products are sustainably harvested from Snow Hill's forested land.)
    Wool (Snow Hill Farm raises Dorset Horn and Southdown Sheep)

Location: North Salem

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