Pound Ridge Organics  "Organic CoOp and Farm" | Pound Ridge Westchester County New York
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Pound Ridge Organics "Organic CoOp and Farm"

Pound Ridge

Westchester County

Pound Ridge Organics "Organic CoOp and Farm"

Pound Ridge Organics is an Old-Fashioned Organic Micro Farm and Food CoOp located in the hamlet of Scotts Corner, Town of Pound Ridge, NY 10576, Westchester County.

From Pound Ridge Organics: "The Pound Ridge Organics Food CoOp model is simple. Every week throughout the year members are provided an order form which includes seasonally available organic food and products from local farms and artisans including: freshly harvested vegetables, herbs and fruit; pastured meat, free-range poultry and eggs; small batch cheeses; non-GMO grains and beans; kombucha; preserves; baked goods; maple syrup and raw honey.

"Through a strong alliance with local businesses; community groups; health and nutrition experts; farmers; beekeepers; and environmental leaders; Pound Ridge Organics offers skill building empowering workshops that not only address food and environment issues, but also provide an opportunity to meet and connect with other community members around these topics. Weekly provisions are available for pick-up or delivery. Special dietary needs are accommodated, and extra special attention given to the needs of elders, the infirmed and disabled."

Educational Classes
Workshops covering food and environmental issues
Cooking classes covering the preservation of seasonal foods.

    Organic Products include
    Pastured Meat

    Additional Organic Products include
    Baked Goods
    Free-range poultry and eggs
    Non-GMO grains and beans
    Maple Syrup and Raw Honey
    Small batch cheeses

Location: Pound Ridge

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