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Benjamin Steak House

City of White Plains

Westchester County

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Benjamin Steak House is located at 610 West Hartsdale Ave., White Plains, NY 10607 in Westchester County.

From Benjamin Steak House: "From our juicy cuts of dry aged beef, to our old world charm and elegant ambiance, Benjamin Steakhouse has built its stellar reputation on providing the ultimate dining experience. Only the best USDA prime beef is used, and every cut is carefully dry-aged in specially handcrafted aging boxes, chilled to the precise temperature and humidity level, for a minimum of 28 days. The key effect of the dry aging process is the concentration of flavor if you have tried our sizzling steaks, it is a flavor you will never forget. In addition to serving the finest quality beef, Chef McLeod cooks his steaks to absolute perfection so that they arrive tableside sizzling on a piping hot plate. Any cut can be served family style for two to four people."

Restaurant Review
Happy Hour
Outdoor dining on patio
Sunday Brunch

The word is Attractive restaurant with excellent service, serving fabulous steaks; "prepared just as we ordered" and "probably as good as any steak I've had anywhere".

Location: White Plains

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