So Gong Dong Tofu | Hartsdale Westchester County New York
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So Gong Dong Tofu


Westchester County

So Gong Dong Tofu

So Gong Dong, aka DUBU (tofu in Korean) and serving Korean food, is located at 411 North Central Ave (T.J. Max Mini Mall), Hartsdale NY 10530 in Westchester County.

From So Gong Dong: "Sundubu jighae (tofu soup on the menu) is a classic Korean dish that uses dubu's subtle flavor in a savory stew in combination with many different ingredients from kimchi to seafood. Our delicious rice comes prepared in a special stone bowl that leaves you with a toasted sweetness that no other style of preparing rice can provide. Soybeans are considered by many experts to be a source of complete protein. Tofu also has a low calorie count and little fat. It is high in iron and may also be a good source of calcium and/or magnesium. We offer unique specialty dishes like hot stone plate bibimbop and Korean favorites like Kalbi and other barbeque dishes. In the front of our restaurant you will see our own fresh handmade dumplings being made and a demonstration of making tofu by the traditional stone-ground method."

Restaurant Review
Alcohol, Beer, Wine = Not served
Cuisine = Korean
Noise level = Average
Parking = Available in Mall
Vegetarian options

The word is Rave reviews for this excellent Korean offering a small but attractive space, excellent service, and great food at affordable prices. Although some say the menu is limited, cravings for delicious Korean food, are more than satisfied. Beware: When you order spicy - you get SPICY. Must try.

Location: Hartsdale

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