Fountain Diner | Hartsdale Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Fountain Diner


Westchester County

Fountain Diner

Fountain Diner is located at 31 South Central Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530 in Westchester County.

From Fountain Diner: "Delicious, healthy, affordable and fresh food for you and your family. That's what's on our menu. We offer you and your family delectable fully cooked meals to eat at our cozy café or to take with you. You can also pick out a ready-to-cook dish or two. We can tailor a meal just for you. Our food is all made with natural, fresh ingredients that we source locally. Let us know if you have dietary restrictions - our friendly staff will help you find just the meal you want."

Restaurant Review
Noise level = Loud

The word is This diner is "a bit more expensive than other diners" and on weekends be prepared to wait for a table at this "above average diner" serving your standard diner menu of everything.

Location: Hartsdale

Restaurant Cuisines
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