Clean Ridge Soap Company, LLC. | Pound Ridge Westchester County New York
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Clean Ridge Soap Company, LLC.

Pound Ridge

Westchester County

10576, Soap Company, Pound Ridge, NY, Northern Westchester County, natural ingredients, photos of gift baskets, Specialty Products, lip balms, lotions, diffusers and candles, no animal testing ever Clean Ridge Soap Company, LLC.

Clean Ridge Soap Company, LLC. is located in Pound Ridge, NY 10576 in northern Westchester County.

From Clean Ridge Soap: "In 1998, Mia Camacho-Fitzgerald moved to the quaint town of Pound Ridge, NY. Sensitive to the combination of harsh local well water and commercial soap, her skin became extremely dry and itchy. After years of trying different soaps, Mia learned how to make her own soap using only natural ingredients. Within a few months, Mia made over 500 bars, giving many away to friends and co-workers who kept asking for more. Working on a hunch, Mia formed Clean Ridge Soap Company, LLC in 2004, launching with 12 bar soaps, five liquid soaps and 30 baskets. The first holiday season was a success, with over 300 baskets ordered."

    Specialty Products
    "All of our 120 products, including lip balms, lotions, diffusers and candles, are made by hand and packaged in the U.S. Products are all-natural, crafted from the finest ingredients including avocado butter, jojoba and olive oils, along with essential oils of geranium, lavender, lemon, lime, peppermint and rosemary, as well as ground vanilla beans, almonds, oats, annatto seeds, ultramarine oxides and parsley for colorants. There is no animal testing ever."

Location: Pound Ridge

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