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Westchester Children's Museum

City of Rye

Westchester County

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The Westchester Childrenís Museum will have a premier location on the Long Island Sound in the historic landmark North Bathhouse at Rye Playland, a building that evokes whimsy and sets the stage for an exceptional childrenís museum experience.

"The iconic North Bathhouse provides nearly 23,000 square feet of space for temporary and permanent exhibits, classrooms, a birthday party room, performance space, restaurant/cafe, gift shop, and other amenities.

"The Westchester Childrenís Museum will be a vibrant new learning center that nurtures curiosity, enhance knowledge, and ignite imagination in our children as they explore the history, arts, environment, and cultural diversity of their local and global communities.

"Imagine a light-filled, colorful, vibrant learning space filled with water play, physics, science, art, music, and nature, with places to climb, build, and examine - a place to discover who we are and where we live. The Westchester Childrenís Museum will be a celebration of childhood. Exhibit areas will contain experiential laboratories, interactive art pieces, sculptural elements, hidden worlds, climbing structures, and physical connections to the outdoors. The museumís exhibits and programs will draw from the regionís rich history, cultural diversity, flourishing ecosystems, and literary and artistic traditions."

  • Highly innovative, dynamic, engaging, fun and enriching

  • Appeal to audiences of different generations, backgrounds, emotional, physical, and learning abilities

  • Present visitors with the opportunity for hands-on interaction

  • Stimulate repeat visitation with changing exhibits, performances, and public programs

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Location: Rye

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