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ARC Stages


Westchester County

10570, Playhouse, theatre group, Little Village Playhouse, Pleasantville, New York, safe environment, every child has an intellectual and imaginative voice that should be respected and heard ARC Stages

Arc Stages is a multifaceted arts organization located at 147 Wheeler Ave., Pleasantville, NY 10570 in Westchester County.

From ARC Stages: "ARC Stages is composed of three theatre companies under one roof.

    The Educational Stage: an educational theatre company where students of all ages (youth and adult) can explore the world of theatre though a professional rehearsal process, master classes, outreach and intensive ensemble work.

    The Community Stage: a community theatre company for actors, singers and technicians from all walks of life that offers the best in American musicals and dramas.

    The Next Stage: a professional theatre company that endeavors to produce high quality contemporary theatre as well as new works, cabaret, workshops and staged readings.
These three theatres, all under one roof, strive to better serve the community and its artistic needs. We are thrilled to be your artistic haven and look forward to creating more exciting, transformative theatre."

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Location: Pleasantville

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