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Mamma Francesca

City of New Rochelle

Westchester County

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Mamma Francesca, serving Traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, is located at 414 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, NY 10805 in southern Westchester County.

From Mamma Francesca: "Mamma Francesca is an Italian Restaurant and Bar situated along the New Rochelle shoreline. We feature traditional cuisine served in a venue that is modern and cutting edge. Whether you prefer a quiet romantic dinner in our enclosed terrace that overlooks the Long Island Sound, on our beautiful outdoor patio, or a variety of succulent small plates and refreshing cocktails such as Martinis, Mojitos, Sangria’s and Wine at our beautiful bar, you will find that Mamma Francesca can satisfy every desire. Let Mammas host your next gathering of family or friends. We can accommodate parties on premises or cater to your home. Ample parking is available."

"Mamma Francesca originally opened its doors in 1983 and now 30 years later, host and owner Nick Di Costanzo, continue serving patrons Authentic, homemade Italian food, in a newly renovated contemporary venue.

"Nick grew up on the beautiful island of Ischia off the coast of Naples. He proudly names the restaurant after his mother who instilled in him a deep pride in his roots and appreciation of the traditional dishes of his native region of Italy. The menu brings to life the simple joys and flavors of Southern Italian coastline cooking, filled with farm fresh produce and “Fruits of the Sea”. Here you can enjoy delightful dishes such as: Mammas Stuffed Chicken Breast Europeo, Risotto del Vecchio Pescatore, and Zuppa di Pesce con Crostone.

"Customers can relax and appreciate the delicious and flavorful Italian dishes, enjoy the ambiance, and experience the beautiful scenic views of the New Rochelle harbor. Here, you can always feel at home especially with the warm welcome of the host, Nick, and his caring and attentive staff."

Restaurant Review
Bar Lounge
Children's menu
Cuisine = Italian
Outdoor patio
Serving lunch and dinner
Vegetarian options - Prepared upon request
Waterfront dining on enclosed terrace in back room overlooking the Long Island Sound.

The word is Attractive restaurant offering a modern contemporary space, serving delicious Italian cuisine to many happy diners, at reasonable prices.

Location: New Rochelle

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