Gus's Franklin Park Restaurant | Harrison Westchester County New York
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Gus's Franklin Park Restaurant


Westchester County

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Gus's Franklin Park Restaurant and Gus's Seafood Market, serving seafood and more, is located at 126 Halstead Ave., Harrison, NY 10528 in Westchester County.

From Gus's: "My grandfather Gus started welcoming patrons to the Franklin Park Tavern more than 80 year ago. Shortly after he took ownership of the tavern it became known to all as Gusís Seafood was added to the menu along with traditional American fare and Gusís signature German dishes."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Seafood
Family restaurant
Full Bar
Live Music (Call for schedule)
Outdoor dining on patio
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is It seems that Gus's Seafood has been a staple in Harrison forever; so enjoy dining at this "quintessential neighborhood restaurant" offering fresh seafood made family-style, simple but delicious, and served in a cozy and comfortable space (although outdated) with outdoor seating in warm weather.

Location: Harrison

Restaurant Cuisine
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