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Dobbs Ferry

Westchester County

10522, family, Italian restaurant, Dobbs Ferry NY, The word is, local Italian serving, excellent food, delicious specials, good size portions Scaramella's

Scaramella's, a family owned restaurant offering Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, is located at 1 Southfield Ave., Dobbs Ferry NY 10522, Westchester County in the Hudson Valley.

From Scaramella's: "Scaramella's was founded in 1992 and is today owned and operated by Vincenzo and Nilde Scaramella, hailing from southern Italy in the Calabria region. The restaurant and menu reflects a certain pride and accountability to its Westchester patrons for almost 20 years.

"The menu reflects an educated and passionate restauranteur who specializes in Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, and who is steeped in the rich culinary history that authentically brings you the sumptuous flavors of Italy to Dobbs Ferry, New York.

"The inspired wine list represents thoughtful and creative attention to detail when paired with the diverse and savory flavors of the menu. Scaramella's seats over 120 diners in its newly decorated dining room, and has a lively bar area where patrons may enjoy wine, or even choose to have a complete meal.

"Lunch and dinner are served 7 days a week. Ask your server about the wonderful and truly outstanding daily specials."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Northern and Southern Italian
Daily Specials represent seasonal availability of fresh vegetables and fruits and morning seafood and meat market outings.
Full Bar
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is Locals enjoy this reliable family owned red sauce Italian, where large portions of well prepared traditional Italian dishes and delicious specials, are served by a friendly staff in a warm inviting atmosphere.

Location: Dobbs Ferry

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