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Christmas Tree Shops


Westchester County

10530, Christmas Tree Shops, Hartsdale, NY, Westchester County, hours and directions, coupons, flyer, list of bargains Christmas Tree Shops

Christmas Tree Shops is located at 393 North Central Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530 in Westchester County.

From Christmas Tree Shops: "We get asked all the time - what's with our name? Here's how the story goes: Christmas Tree Shops started as a holiday gift shop on Cape Cod, but we found customers loved discovering unbelievable deals for all of the holidays and all the seasons. Soon we were scouring the world for great gifts, unique home decor and big name closeouts. We evolved our merchandise selection to fabulous year-round bargains, but our name stayed the same. Locals and the thousands of tourists to New England came to us for everything from gifts to grills to dish detergent, and accepted the name as part of our charm and quirkiness."

Press blue button for hours and directions, coupons, and flyer about list of bargains available now, at the Christmas Tree Shop.

Location: Hartsdale

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