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Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Mount Vernon

Westchester County

10550, Mount Vernon, NY, grocery, women and men designer fashions, clothing, baby, kids, things for the home, furniture, electronics, entertainment, toys, health & beauty, patio,  school uniforms, optical Target

Target, is located at 500 East Sandford Blvd., Mount Vernon, NY 10550 in Westchester County. Target stores offer a wide range of products including women and men designer fashions and clothing for baby and kids.

From Target: "Affordable prices, more of what you need every day, ease and convenience, and great service - just a few of the reasons to love Target stores. When you tell us how we can help make your life easier we stock our shelves accordingly - which is why we’ve added more fresh groceries to our stores.

"A full-service grocery store along with all the conveniences you expect from Target, SuperTarget makes it easy for you to skip the extra trips and truly do more in one store. Fresh produce, deli and meat departments, plus a bakery - you’re done in one run."

The word is From Target "Since 1946, Target has given 5% of our income to the communities we serve - $3 million every week."

Location: Mount Vernon

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