Amba Farms  "Organic Farm" | Bedford Hills Westchester County New York
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Amba Farms "Organic Farm"

Bedford Hills

Westchester County

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Amba Farms is a small-scale, family operated farm, located at 29 Wood Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, Westchester County in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Amba Farms: "Amba Farms is a small-scale, family-operated, organic business in Bedford Hills, New York. We are a private farm that sells primarily to local restaurants but also to the public at local farm markets. At the farm we focus on growing a wide variety of produce from every vegetable family, as well as fruits and herbs, with particular emphasis on exciting lesser-known heirloom species. We use all organic methods and employ many permaculture principles with the goal of health, vitality and sustainability for our ecosystem. The quality of our product reflects the success of our philosophies."

Press blue button for Amba Farms and their list of organic fruits and vegetables, by availability.

    Organic Produce includes
    Arat Root Parsley
    Baby Beets (Several varieties of beets)
    Baby Fennel
    Bean (Dry Shell) - Cannellini
    Bean (Fava)
    Bean (Fresh Shell)
    Bean (Many varieties of beans)

Location: Bedford Hills

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