Hash O'Nash  "Turkish-Mediterranean" | Mamaroneck Westchester County New York
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Hash O'Nash "Turkish-Mediterranean"


Westchester County

10543, Middle Eastern, Mamaroneck, NY, falafels, hummus, shawarma, middle eastern salads, Belly dancer, Outdoor dining, The word is, large portions, middle eastern dishes, affordable prices, Restaurant Review Hash O'Nash "Turkish-Mediterranean"

Hash O'Nash, Middle Eastern Country Kitchen, is located at 441 Mamaroneck Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543 in Westchester County.

From Hash O'Nash: "Welcome to Hash O Nash middle Eastern Country Kitchen located in Mamaroneck, NY. A place where every guest is treated like family. We are trying to serve the best middle eastern food in a homey atmosphere. Serving food from falafels and hummus to filet mignon, shawarma and gyros, Middle Eastern salads, with our menu we are trying to please you with a variety of foods. You all are welcome to taste our Mediterranean food in a family oriented atmosphere and enjoy our belly dancer Friday and Saturday nights."

Restaurant Review
Beer and Wine
Belly dancer Friday & Sat nights
Cuisine = Turkish-Mediterranean
Family Restaurant (Kids Menu)
Open kitchen
Outdoor dining
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is Many raves for this Mamaroneck mid-eastern, offering excellent Turkish food, large portions and affordable prices. "The black bean-chick pea hummus was delicious" and the "large portions meant we were able to enjoy the meal again the next day". Also try the Hash O Nash Platter, excellent soups, and other Middle Eastern dishes. The Belly Dancing is lots of fun! If you dine here, let us know what you think at gail@westchestertowns.com.

Location: Mamaroneck

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