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Oakwood Center

Pound Ridge

Westchester County

mental health, counseling, therapist services, Mediation, Intervention, Alcoholism, drug addictions, therapy for emotional problems, anxiety, depression, relationship and sexual difficulties, substance abuse, anger management, stress reduction Oakwood Center

Directors Roberta Markowitz, LCSW-R and Marvin Markowitz, Ph.D. established Oakwood Center in 1977. Oakwood Center is deeply committed to providing quality services in several areas of mental health including, counseling, therapist services, Mediation, Intervention for Alcoholism and other drug addictions, and therapy for emotional problems.

Oakwood Center treats a wide variety of problems including: anxiety, depression, relationship and sexual difficulties; alcohol or other substance abuse; adult children of alcoholic or other dysfunctional families; attention deficit disorder; sexual, emotional, or physical abuse; women's and men's issues; gay, lesbian, and transgender issues; anger management; stress reduction; and more. We work with adults, children, and adolescents on an individual basis, with couples, or entire family.

At Oakwood Center, we also specialize in Mediation, a voluntary, non-adversarial, confidential, informal, and highly successful approach to resolving disputes. Mediation is an empowering process that yields creative, win-win solutions. Press blue button for the Oakwood Center.

Location: Pound Ridge

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