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Massa' Coastal Italian Cuisine


Westchester County

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Massa, Coastal Italian Cuisine, is located at 599 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543 in Westchester County.

From Massa: "Let our Italian heritage and food expertise meet your taste buds here at Massa’ Coastal Italian Cuisine where a wide variety of fresh whole fish and shellfish flown in from Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal are prepared to perfection and your delight. We incorporate our American culture on our menu with American seafood varieties as well. Whether you prefer Italian sea bass, also known as Branzino, from the Mediterranean, East and West Coast oysters, manila clams, Maine lobster, or Bigeye tuna, we provide endless options and tasty results.

"Massa’, taken from the Italian word Masseria, means “a farm house.” The Coli family invites you to experience Italy through our eyes and in our house here at Massa’ Coastal Italian Cuisine. Our goal is to have the freshest ingredients possible prepared simply to create unforgettable experiences."

History of Massa Coastal Italian Cuisine,
In 1982, shortly after relocating, executive chef Pasquale was described as "the most versatile fish cook in New York City" by Jay Jacobs, a restaurant reviewer for Gourmet Magazine. Again in 1993, Pasquale received acclaim from Gourmet Magazine for his expertise in preparing fish and lobster. Francesco's love for fish also grew with his father's, as he was running around Fulton Fish Market at the mere age of seven years old.

In 1998, Francesco took a front-of-the-house position at Ocean Grill in Manhattan, after his graduation from Pace University. Although Pasquale was retired at this time, he knew his son was passionate about pursuing a career in the food industry and decided to help him open his own restaurant. Francesco and Pasquale opened La Villetta in 2000, while Francesco continued taking classes at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. When La Villetta became too small to contain the growing crowds, Francesco decided to open Massa' restaurant in Scarsdale, NY.

2014, Massa, Coastal Italian Cuisine opens in Mamaroneck, NY

Restaurant Review
Coastal Italian cuisine
Guitar player (Friday evenings)
Massa Market & Store
Outdoor dining in front of restaurant
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is Opened (First qtr 2014).

Tip : A selection of fresh Mediterranean fish flown in from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, as well as American varieties. Sold at market price by the pound. Please visit our fish market to select your fish, or ask your server for selectionof the day.

Location: Mamaroneck

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