Augie's Prime Cut Restaurant & Bar | Lake Mohegan Westchester County New York
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Augie's Prime Cut Restaurant & Bar

Lake Mohegan

Westchester County

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Augie's Prime Cut Restaurant & Bar, serving Prime Rib, Steaks, & Seafood, is located at 3436 Lexington Ave., Lake Mohegan, NY 10547 in northern Westchester County.

From Augie's: "Augie’s Prime Cut has since been a staple in the community. Owners Hochroth and Barone run a thriving steakhouse, providing the highest quality of both meat and seafood to its guests. Prime rib, porterhouse steaks and fresh lobster from the tank are among customer favorites, as well as the ever-changing list of features offered on a daily basis. Augie’s has an extensive wine and martini list and guarantees top tier professional service to keep its guests coming back for the experience they have come to rely on."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Steakhouse, Seafood
Full Bar
Parking = Private Lot
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is Mixed reviews - check latest reviews before dining here.

Location: Lake Mohegan

Restaurant Cuisine
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