Bellota at 42, Bar, Lounge, and Mezzanine | City of White Plains Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Bellota at 42, Bar, Lounge, and Mezzanine

City of White Plains

Westchester County

10601, 42, Bar, Lounge, Contemporary American cuisine, Ritz-Carlton, White Plains, NY, artisanal vision of food, tapas, Restaurant Review, Small Plates, The word is, Portuguese influenced dishes, overpriced Bellota at 42, Bar, Lounge, and Mezzanine

Bellota at 42, Bar, Lounge, and mezzanine, serving Contemporary American cuisine with an Iberian influence, is located at the Ritz-Carlton, Westchester One Renaissance Square, White Plains, NY 10601 in Westchester County.

From Bellota: "Bellota at 42 is my tribute to farmers of the Iberian Peninsula, who have for centuries, dedicated their lives to an artisanal vision of food. With tapas that bring to life this age-old practice of creating small, meaningful plates from the heart, Bellota at 42 strives for the same traditional, rustic appeal of Spain and Portugal in a modern setting. Lit by candlelight and torches and decorated with oak and birch, the space evokes the romance, friendship, and nostalgia associated with the food and culture of this region a place I hold very dear to my heart."

Restaurant Review
Live D.J. (Call for hours)
Noise level = Music is very loud
Serving Dinner
Small Plates

The word is The space offers views of the city in a striking and attractive contemporary atmosphere while small plates of "Portuguese influenced dishes" are good, but overpriced; and the music is "way too loud for any conversation".

Location: White Plains

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