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Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Tarry Tavern


Westchester County

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Tarry Tavern, serving Farm-To-Table cuisine, is located one block away from the Tarrytown Music Hall, at 27 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591 in Westchester County.

From Tarry Tavern: "Nestled in the center of Historic Tarrytown’s Main Street, Tarry Tavern is the renewal of the classic American tavern. Elegant English red oak paneling, warm and butter-colored walls, and a richly lacquered bar welcome guests. And, the well-displayed plenitude of copper pots, farm field paintings, fresh fruits and seasonal flower arrangements, give Tarry Tavern the feel of a country farmhouse, albeit one that is sparkling, bright and cheery.

"The menu allows diners to choose from either the Tavern or Market Menu, both showcasing the bounty of the Hudson Valley. A concept designed to invoke a sense of tradition and comfort while the Market remains largely inspired by the seasons and local produce.

"Our selection of 12 draft brews, mostly craft and predominantly American as well as our thorough wine list shall be able to please even the most discerning palate. Located just steps from the Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarry Tavern is both a neighborhood gem as well as a casually elegant dining destination."

Restaurant Review
12 Draft Brews
Close to Tarrytown Music Hall
Cuisine = Farm-To-Table, Market or Tavern menu
Gluten-Free options
Outdoor dining
Serving lunch and dinner
Sunday Brunch
Vegetarian options

The word is The Tavern offers an attractive space that is warm and inviting. The seasonal menu allows for an excellent selection of dishes with fresh ingredients reflecting the seasons. "This is tavern food at its best", NY Times.

Location: Tarrytown

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