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Umami Sushi


Westchester County

10502,  Sushi Restaurant, Village Green Shopping Plaza, Ardsley, NY, Restaurant Review, Coupons, Sushi and Japanese hot dishes, Outdoor dining on patio, The word is, Rave reviews, sushi that is creative, well prepared, and beautifully plate Umami Sushi

Umami Sushi Restaurant & Bar is located at 724 Saw Mill River Road (Village Green Shopping Plaza), Ardsley, NY 10502 in Westchester County.

From Umami Sushi Bar: "Fans of Japan's artful maki and sashimi have one more reason to visit Ardsley's new Umami Sushi Bar located at 724 Saw Mill River Road, in the Village Green shopping plaza, the Asian fusion restaurant features the most comfortable chairs one is likely to encounter outside of a four-star restaurant.

"The seats, which feature fine leather upholstery over generous cushions, were custom made. "We want people to feel comfortable when they eat with us," said Candy Lin, who, with her husband, Collin, co-owns the restaurant. Collin Lin is the head chef while his wife manages the door and restaurant floor.

"In addition to sushi and sashimi, Umami features hot dishes inspired by non-Japanese locales. One signature dish is called Mongolian Triple Feast chicken, beef, and shrimp in a hoisin-soy sauce. Candy Lin explained that the dishes sometimes feature non-Asian cooking elements, such as olive oil, butter or cream. One of the owners' favorites is honeyglazed prawns, with a low-fat dairy cream and honey sauce, served with walnuts . . . Continued.

"The restaurant's name refers to a word with various meanings. To start, the Lins explained, "umami" is Japanese for "delicious" or "delightful." In recent years it has taken on a connotation in the English language, sometimes called "the fifth taste," and is used to describe foods with an earthy salt flavor, like soy sauce or Parmesan cheese.

'It is many tastes becoming one,' Collin Lin said of umami's elusive quality, "It has a lot of meanings." The suggestion to name the restaurant after the flavor came from a customer at their other restaurant, Fusha Sushi, located in Parsippany, N.J. now being managed by Collin's brother" . . . . For full article see Umami's website.

Restaurant Review
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Cuisine = Sushi and Japanese hot dishes
Family Restaurant
Noise level = good for conversation
Outdoor dining on patio
Parking in back of restaurant

The word is Rave reviews for Umami Sushi offering a trendy attractive space and serving excellent sushi that is creative, well prepared, and beautifully plated; hot dishes are also very good and everything is made with the freshest ingredients, service is exceptionally warm and friendly and prices are affordable. Try Umami for lunch or dinner - you won't be disappointed.

Location: Ardsley

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