Bedford Post Inn  "Bed & Breakfast" | Bedford Village Westchester County New York
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Bedford Post Inn "Bed & Breakfast"

Bedford Village

Westchester County

10506, luxury inn, Bedford, NY, working fireplace, terrace Bedford Post Inn "Bed & Breakfast"

Bedford Post Inn is home to an eight-room luxury inn located at 954 Old Post Road in Bedford, NY 10506 in Westchester County.

From the Bedford Post Inn: "Welcome to the Bedford Post, home to an eight-room luxury inn, a yoga studio, and two distinct restaurants: The Barn, for casual dining, and The Farmhouse, our more formal dining room. Reservations are gladly taken up to one month in advance at the Farmhouse, and two months in advance at the Barn. Join us for daily classes, workshops and events at The Yoga Loft. Guests may choose from five different room layouts, most with a working fireplace to enhance the cozy and romantic feel. All rooms are prepared with Frette linens and towels, and some rooms have a terrace which overlooks the wooded property."

For things to do in Westchester, visit historic sites in Westchester. Philipsburg Manor a historic site of great historical importance, or Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate, are located a short drive from Bedford. Shop antique stores in Westchester, or spend some time outdoors at one of the beautiful Westchester County parks where you can enjoy hiking, biking, birding, and more outdoor activities.

The Bedford Post Inn is near world class shopping centers in White Plains, New York, where you can shop at The Westchester Mall offering upscale shopping, Bloomingdales, and many discount stores. Press blue button for more about the Bedford Post Inn.

Location: Bedford Village

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