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Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Bistro Rollin


Westchester County

10803, French Bistro, Pelham NY, good restaurants, Restaurant Review, Local, grass-fed, and organic, Outdoor dining, Small Plates, Sunday Brunch, WiFi = Free, The word is, Attractive, warm and cozy space,  very good food Bistro Rollin

Bistro Rollin, a French Bistro, is located at 140 Fifth Ave., Pelham NY 10803 in Lower Westchester County.

From Bistro Rollin: "Service is at the core of what any good restaurants must do: greet you as soon as you arrive, get your food to the table on time, make sure your expectations are met. But hospitality is more. Hospitality is the personal relationship between the guest and each member of the staff. Hospitality requires that we make sure every guest has a memorable, wonderful experience. Hopelessly lost one day trying to find Paul Bocuseís restaurant, outside of Lyon, we arrived hours late for our reservation and were almost afraid to enter. But when the Maitre Dí came to the door apologizing that the restaurant was located in such a ridiculously difficult to find spot, we knew we had found a truly unique place. This is what we strive for at Bistro Rollin."

Restaurant Review
Bar Menu with lighter options
Full Bar
Local, grass-fed, and organic options
Outdoor dining on Sidewalk Cafe
Serving lunch and dinner
Small Plates and Lighter Plates
Sunday Brunch

The word is Attractive, warm and cozy space, with professional and friendly waitstaff, serving a wide range of very good food. In warm weather "Ask for an outdoor table when you reserve or just drop in and ask to be seated outside."

Location: Pelham

Restaurant Cuisines
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