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AJ's Burgers

City of New Rochelle

Westchester County

10801, Burgers, New Rochelle NY, great family restaurant, family value meals, oversized portions, Restaurant Review, Open 24/7, Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, The word is, cafe,  must try AJ's Burgers

AJ's Burgers is located at 542 North Ave (opposite City Hall), New Rochelle NY 10801.

From AJ's: "AJ's is a great family restaurant and provides quality food that is reasonably priced. The family value meals which come with chicken, shrimp and/or ribs served with a fresh salad featuring homemade Italian or Caesar dressing, a large rice and beans, greens in garlic and oil, fries and fresh baked bread. With oversized portions you will enjoy our food again and want to return soon. AJ makes everything in house using fresh ingredients."

Restaurant Review
Noise level = Average
Open 24/7
Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner

The word is Everyone loves AJ's; a bustling cafe with an excellent waitstaff, where everybody is happily eating their meals. The food is served in a skillet, adding to the charm of this very special place. I believe some would die for an AJ Burger! Definitely a must try.

Location: New Rochelle

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