Cafe at Mariani Gardens | Armonk Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Cafe at Mariani Gardens


Westchester County

10504, Mariani Gardens, Armonk, NY, Restaurant Review, Local produce, Set in nursery/gift shop, The word is, hidden gem Cafe at Mariani Gardens

The Cafe at Mariani Gardens is located at 45 Bedford Road in Armonk, NY 10504 in Westchester County.

From Mark Mariani: "Come to my home and I’ll feed you. Why should my gardens be any different? For instance, could I interest you in our Garden Parfait? Then again, I probably shouldn’t even mention it until you finish your Kobe beef mini-burger, or sweet sopressata, cheddar and sundried tomatoes on olive loaf, or scallops with arugula, endive, and watercress in a passion fruit vinaigrette. Which are only some of the delights my chef comes up with after canvassing the surrounding area – and my orchard – for local produce, and on his daily jaunts into the city to visit his four favorite bakeries. Needless to say, more than your car may be stuffed when you leave my gardens. Which is perfectly o.k. – tomorrow, you can just stop by for our all-fruit smoothie."

Restaurant Review
Local produce from the garden
Noise level = Good for conversation
Restaurant set in a nursery/gift shop

The word is Have a salad or sandwich in this "very relaxing" cafe set among "beautiful trees and flowers". The staff is friendly and the "food is delicious" at this "hidden gem" in Armonk. Don't forget to order the green garlic fries.

Location: Armonk

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