Bangkok Spice  "Thai and Asian" | Shrub Oak Westchester County New York
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Bangkok Spice "Thai and Asian"

Shrub Oak

Westchester County

Bangkok Spice "Thai and Asian"

Bangkok Spice, serving Thai and Asian cuisine, is located at 1161 East Main Street, Shrub Oak, NY 10588 in northern Westchester County.

From Bangkok Spice: "Bangkok Spice is a Thai restaurant serving authentic Thai and Asian cuisine. Bangkok Spice is located in Shrub Oak, NY, a beautiful hamlet of Yorktown in northern Westchester County. Thai iced tea is one of the first things people fall in love with when dining at a typical Thai restaurant. It is a native-grown red-leafed tea which is spiced with star anise seed. It is usually brewed strong and then blended with a rich swirl of Half & Half or milk. Delicious."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Thai food
Kid friendly (paper table clothes and bucket of crayons)
Noise level = Good for conversation
Parking in private lot
Serving lunch and dinner
Vegetarian options
Wine is served

The word is This small local Thai offers authentic, fresh, and well prepared Thai cuisine, served by a friendly and efficient waitstaff; where you can select your level of spice.

Location: Shrub Oak

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